Invited lectures:

Dr. Anne Zehnacker (France)

Chirality effects in the structure of α- and β-peptides: conformer-specific jet-cooled spectroscopy and vibrational circular dichroism studies

Pr. Majed Chergui (Switzerland)

Probing the ultrafast dynamics of molecular systems from the IR to the X-Ray range

Pr. Takamasa Momose (Canada)

Amino Acids in Solid Parahydrogen

Dr. Daniel Comparat (France)

Review of Cold Molecules: towards a universal decelerator for polar molecules

Pr. Martin Suhm (Germany)

Low-Temperature intermolecular balances in the gas phase

Pr. Robert Kolos (Poland)

Unsaturated carbon-nitrogen chain molecules in cryogenic matrices

Pr. Ruth Signorell (Switzerland)

Spectroscopy, a toolbox for structural information on aerosol particles

Pr. Yunjie Xu (Canada)

Matrix isolation-vibrational circular dichroism spectrosocpy of chiral molecular clusters

Dr. Michel Mons (France)

Local structures in a protein chain: interplay between main-chain and side-chain H-bonding patterns as revealed by gas phase laser spectroscopy

Pr. Helen Joly (Canada)

Novel Organometallic Radicals Characterized by Matrix Isolation Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectroscopy

Pr. Steven Sibener (USA)

Energetic Gas-Surface Encounters at Ice Interfaces


Invited talks:

Pr. Andrei Vilesov (USA)

X-ray coherent diffractive imaging of quantum vortices in superfluid helium droplets

Dr. Masashi Tsuge (Taïwan)

Infrared spectra of protonated species isolated in para-hydrogen matrices

Pr. David Anderson (USA)

Reactivity of Hydrogen Atoms in Solid Parahydrogen: The H + N2O Reaction

Dr. Aude Simon (France)

Modeling molecular clusters/complexes in a rare gas environment using a quantum-classical scheme

Dr. Christophe Jouvet (France)

Cold Ions, spectroscopy and mass spectrometry

Pr. Ara Apkarian (USA)

Orientation dependent chirality and handedness of a nano-diatomic

Pr. Sonia Melandri (Italy)

Conformational preferences of flexible molecules and molecular complexes studied by free-jet rotational spectroscopy: the importance of non-covalent interactions

Dr. John G. McCaffrey (Ireland)

2D-EE spectroscopy of heavier alkaline earth metals atoms Ba, Sr and Ca in rare gas matrices – CCSD(T) calculations and atomic site occupancies

Dr. Benoît Gervais (France)

Spectroscopy of alkali atoms in Ar matrix

Pr. John Maier (Switzerland)

Electronic Spectrum of C60+ in Gas-Phase at 6 K: Identification of First Diffuse Interstellar Bands

Dr. Ludovic Biennier (France)

Cold chemistry and physics with supersonic uniform flows

Dr. Xavier Michaut (France)

Nuclear spin conversion of water isolated in argon matrix: Isotopic and concentration effects

Pr. Lahouari Krim (France)

The chemistry of ground state nitrogen atoms N(4S) on cold interstellar grains: Heat-induced reaction processes vs energetic cosmic rays implications

Dr. Igor Reva (Portugal)

Photochemistry of matrix-isolated isoxazoles

Pr. Tatiana Shabatina (Russia)

Cryosynthesis of hybrid nanomaterials

Dr. Arnaud Desmedt (France)

Transport and selectivity properties of clathrate hydrates