International Steering Committee

Four new members have been elected at the CPLT international steering committee on Thursday, July 7th: after the departure of Claudine Crépin-Gilbert (France), Mika Pettersson (Finland), Wolfram Sander (Germany) and Nigel Young (UK), we are pleased to welcome Stéphane Coussan (France), Sonia Melandri (Italy), Igor Reva (Portugal) and Klaus Von Haeften (UK). Here is the new CPLT International Steering Committee for the 2016-2018 period:

David Anderson (USA)

Stéphane Coussan (France)

Vladimir Feldman (Russia)

Wolfgang Jäger (Canada)

Leonid Khriachtchev (Finland)

Robert McMahon (USA)

Joelle Mascetti (France)

Sonia Melandri (Italy)

Igor Reva (Portugal)

Sebastian Riedel (Germany)

Tatyana Shabatina (Russia)

György Tarczay (Hungary)

Andrey Vilesov (USA)

Klaus von Haeften (UK)

Tomonari Wakabayashi (Japan)